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MarkHodel.com has been set up in such a way as to (hopefully) be easy to use for most internet users. This Quick Help Guide is here to help quickly answer some of the questions about this websites functionality, should they arise. Please read through it before contacting the webmaster for assistance.



Registration policy has changed effective 9/5/2017. Due to massive amounts of abuse by spam bots you will need to be a registered user to post comments.

To register or not to register, if that's your question. That's completely up to you. It is not necessary. However, we highly recommend it and here's why.

As a registered member:

  • No one else can use your name when posting comments anywhere on the site.

As a registered member, when you are logged in you will be able to:

  • Post comments on the Comment Wall, without having to complete the *Captcha security prompt each time.
  • Post comments on the on images in the Gallery, without having to complete the *Captcha security prompt each time.
  • Edit and / or delete your comments. Comments by non-registered users can only be edited or deleted by the webmaster.
  • Upload images to the Gallery. If you are not registered, you must email images to the webmaster in order to get them published to the Gallery.
  • Associate an avatar (image) with your name. The exception to this is if you have a *Gravatar account.

How to register

To register (create an account), click on the Log In / Out tab on the very top of the website.
Looks like this.
Then click on the Create An Account button and follow the instructions.
Looks like this.
*Captcha is that little box that has distorted, alphanumeric characters in it that you have to type in when doing something on a web page. This provides some security against scripts that crawl the web looking for vulnerable websites to exploit.
Looks like this
Captcha Example
*Gravatar is a free service that allows you to have an avatar (associated with an email address) that can travel with you to any site you visit, that supports this feature. You can find more information about this service and set up a Gravatar account at www.gravatar.com.

Comment Wall

Inserting images into your comment

To insert an image into you comment it must be available on a server somewhere. Click on the insert image button on the editor.
Image Button

If prompted by a security bar, click on it and select allow,

A script dialogue should appear. Enter the full URL address to the image, then click ok.

The editor should now show the URL within image tags,

Fill in any other information, including your actual comment, then click the send button to post.

RSS feeds for specific comments

You can follow any thread of comments with your favorite RSS reader by clicking on the button in that thread
that looks like this.
RSS Feed

RSS feeds for all comments

You can follow all comments (including gallery comments) with your favorite RSS reader by clicking on this button.
Yes this button right here under these words.

Image Gallery

Adding comments to images

To add comments to images in the Gallery, click on the comment button.
Looks like this.