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Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Mark's memorial gathering. I hold the highest respect for Mark, and thus I feel compelled to pass on some thoughts to honor his memory. I do not have a complete e-mail list of all the Buyu I know. Thus, please feel free to share this e-mail with anyone you deem as appropriate.

As mentioned by other Buyu, Mark was a humble and subtle person. He conducted his life in such a way as to promote happiness and success for the good people around him. Mark was a dedicated father, who you could tell loved his son with all his heart. Mark had a passion for Bujinkan martial arts and made it a life ambition to promote training here in America. Mark was around American Bujinkan training in the beginning era, and he contributed so much to training over the years. We as American Buyu must give some thanks to Mark for his countless contributions and for how wonderful American Bujinkan training is today.

Mark made it all seem easy with accomplishments like being a personal student of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, obtaining the Bujinkan rank of master instructor, hosting multiple Tai Kai's and seminars, guiding and possibly saving many young minds, being a wise and supportive friend, and many other accomplishments, too many to list.

As far as Ninjas go, Mark was the genuine article. Mark existed humbly, almost invisible in the background ensuring that everything around him was flowing in the direction of positive ethical revolution, training enlightenment, and everyone in his life being happy, healthy, and safe. Mark stood quiet as a warrior, but was always prepared and ready in case fate called upon him. I hate to imagine what the outcome would have been without Mark's unseen efforts and influence present in training and in our lives.

If I accomplish in my life half as much as Mark had accomplished in his life, then I could say that I did an excellent job with my life and wasted nothing.

Mark, my loving thoughts are with you and your family.

You will be dearly missed.